datcagece - Entertainment

Entertainment centers at the port area offer opportunities for all ages. Nightlife  in Datca starts with…

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datca1 - Bay trips - Boat Tours
Bay trips – Boat Tours

In order to visit the many bays you should hire yachts or boats, available from the…

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datcawindsurf - Wind Surf
Wind Surf

All kinds of watersports are available in Datca, but the conditions are particularly suitable to windsurfing. …

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datcascuba - Diving

Datca is known as an amphora paradise where there is a diving area half an hour…

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trek - Tracking

Hiking in Datca will off you the opportunity to see the beauty of the area from…

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knidosb - Greek Ruins of Knidos
Greek Ruins of Knidos

You can visit the 4,000-year-old ruins of the Greek city of Knidos , the most important…

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eskidatca - Old Datca
Old Datca

This was the first settlement in Datca, which we understand from the excavations to date back…

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datca3 - Nearby Places
Nearby Places

If you are still have the energy after trying the many things to do mentioned above,…

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